Jose Perez NCMEC Interview

Jose Perez at NCMEC discusses the Bureau's 2022 Operation Cross Country.

Video Transcript

We're here to really raise awareness towards the problem of child sex trafficking. So (Operation) Cross Country is our dedicated and coordinated effort with our field offices around the country to really work with local law enforcement and victim services partners to bring awareness to child sex trafficking, to identify victims of child sex trafficking, try to offer them some help and assistance while at the same time hold accountable the traffickers and the facilitators of sex trafficking.

As our FBI Director Wray said not too long ago, as far as our priorities, there's really no greater calling and law enforcement for the FBI than to protect the children in our society. So this really our Crimes Against Children program,—holistically—that's that's what it's dedicated to do. Online exploitation of children, which is significant. And then commercial sex trafficking initiatives like this really just again, highlight the problem, highlight our efforts, our partnerships in the communities. And I think bringing light to it is really something for public awareness to again, to to bring some of that information forward from the public, which is something we always seek to do.

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