FBI Seeking Clues in Montana Man's 2013 Disappearance

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information in the case of Robert Garrett Stewart, Jr., who disappeared in October 2013.

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Narrator: Special Agent Steve Lowe is trying to solve a cold case.

He’s driven an hour from the FBI’s Billings, Montana office to the town of Crow Agency, headquarters of the Crow Indian Reservation. A tribal member there, known locally as Baby Garrett, disappeared four years ago on a visit to Billings. Since then, the FBI and special agent Lowe have been trying to solve the mystery.

Steve Lowe, FBI special agent, Billings Resident Agency: He was walking around with some friends and some colleagues and spending time here and there in Billings. And he went missing.

Narrator: Despite some early leads, the trail has grown cold.

Lowe: We still do not know exactly what happened to Baby Garrett.

Narrator: In much of Indian Country, the FBI’s role is to investigate major crimes, and to provide support for victims and their families. Four years after Baby Garrett's disappearance, his family is still looking for answers.

Robert Garrett Stewart, Sr., Baby Garrett's father: I miss him every day. Every morning I give a little prayer in my bedroom. Then come out and brush my teeth and have my coffee and I look up there. He’s got his picture up there. Every morning I do that. And looks up there and the rest of the kids, too, up there every day. Especially his and thinking, man, this a bad dream that I can't wake up from.

Narrator: There’s a $10,000 reward for information. And the family is appealing to anyone to come forward.

Addikan Stewart, Baby Garrett's brother: He has a big heart. He takes all the kids in. He’s always there for my mom and dad. He’s always the person to always depend on. He would always be there. That’s all we’re asking is just to know something.

Narrator: For agent Lowe, who grew up in Montana, the case hits close to home.

Lowe: We want to know what happened to him. And the idea that someone can go missing, possibly come into some harm, but not to know what that was, not to be able to figure it out for the closure of the family—that doesn't settle well with me or with the FBI.

Once we’ve opened a case, we’re determined to see it to the end for as long as it takes, doing as much as it takes. And so, we’re still out here today doing all that we can to try to solve this case.

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