Los Angeles FBI Family Day

FBI's Los Angeles Division holds its annual Family Day.

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The FBI's Los Angeles Division held its annual Family Day September 13, 2014 and featured events ranging from SWAT activities to evidence response and the field office's Mobile Command Post.


This has been a great Family Day. We are very happy that our employees have this opportunity to come out and take advantage of it.

On September 13, 2014, the Los Angeles Office of the FBI held our Family Day.

We had a wonderful time with many families participating in events ranging from SWAT activities, evidence response, to a Mobile Command Post.

We had food. We had a face-painting booth. And we had a dunk booth where the executive management got wet and participated.

It’s a great day here in Los Angeles. We have a couple hundred people that have come out to support Family Day.

It’s been fantastic. I hope this tradition continues for many more years to come. Happy Family Day.

The Mobile Command Post was designed by the L.A. Electronics Technicians Program almost 10 years ago. Operated, maintained, and employed by L.A. staff, the Mobile Command Post is kept current with the latest technology to provide the field with the same infrastructure resources available to the main office.

In Los Angeles, we have eight special agent bomb technicians. They respond to calls of suspicious packages or objects and are deployed during bombing investigations. They gather diagnostic information from the explosives that may be relayed as vital intelligence to local investigators and to the national Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center.

Our bomb techs often work and train with local first responders and law enforcement.

One of the favorites for the kids on Family Day was the dunk tank, where members of our executive staff were put to the test. Kids of all ages enjoyed taking turns for a change to dunk their favorite SAC or ADIC.

I just got out of the dunk tank. I must have got dunked at least 25 times. But the thrill of seeing the kids’ faces and the family just having a good time, a moment where we can come together and enjoy each other.

Child: I like dunking the ADIC.

Here in Los Angeles, we have an enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics team that consists of 43 team members. The team can storm barricaded buildings and vehicles, breach locks and other structures, rescue hostages, and is highly trained and heavily equipped, with expertise in a variety of weapons, including pistols, assault and sniper rifles, and shotguns.

ERT maintains dedicated response vehicles equipped with supplies and tools to assist in the examination of any size crime scene, as well and an offsite facility for securing and processing special evidence.

The team works with all of the FBI’s investigative programs, consults closely with FBI Laboratory experts, and provides training and crime scene support to law enforcement agencies throughout the area and internationally.

Child: And I’m looking forward to painting my face.

Child: And me, too.

Child: I’m looking forward to throwing that in the pool and flushing water down on him.

It’s just a great day and an opportunity for all of our FBI employees here in Los Angeles to bring their families here so their families can see what we do.

Child: All these different events—finding criminals, fingerprinting, DNA—everything is just really fun to learn.

Our folks are working nights, weekends, and so when we can actually involve the families and show them the FBI family, it makes it much more worthwhile.

I know I’ve had a great time.

A lot of people don't realize that in addition to the agents and support staff and other employees here at the FBI, our families sacrifice an awful lot for us to be able to do our jobs.

So, this is a chance for us to give them a glimpse into what we do and a chance to participate and feel a part of the bigger picture here.

This year’s Family Day was highly successful. And we would like to thank our friends at the FBI Citizens Academy for putting this video together.

And I would like to give a special thank you to the FBI RA Store and to all the volunteers that helped make today possible. It was truly a wonderful day for the FBI family here in Los Angeles.

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