JCODE Operation Uncovers Darknet Opioid Traffickers

A JCODE operation in Los Angeles in February 2020 uncovered a large cache of drugs, weapons, cash, gold, and cryptocurrency as part of Operation DisrupTor.

Video Transcript

♫ Music ♫

[Rifle click]

SWAT voice: On Wentworth, we’re dropping off the Bearcat just past the stop sign.

Lead special agent: Obviously we’re here for Operation Hidden Eye. The warrant and the attachment-b were sent out via email last night to everybody.

SWAT is going to be conducting the arrest.

Special agent: If you guys have any questions just let me know. But … be on special lookout for hardware wallets.

Investigator: What do they look like?

Special agent: They look like USB keys typically. Some look exactly like a USB.

Lead agent: The charges are money laundering, drug trafficking, so those are primarily the things we’re going to be looking for.

SWAT agent: You’ll hear us today referring to structure-one and structure-two. We also have a shed right here.

Lead agent: …thumb drives computers, laptop, phone …

Los Angeles Police Department K-9 handler: We’re just asking that dogs have first dibs on the room.  

♫ Music ♫


SWAT agent: Making a left-hand turn.


[Dog barking]

Special agent: Oh.

[Dog barking]

K-9 handler: [snaps] Good boy.


HSI investigator: There’s a possible indicator of fentanyl in there, just so you be careful with it.

FBI personnel: New York. Connecticut. Colorado.

[Camera clicks]

[Money counter whirs]

♫ Music ♫


HSI investigator: Oh, nice.

FBI agent: There’s the large meth shards.

HSI investigator: Oh yeah. Look at that.

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