FBI Jacksonville Collegiate Academy PSA

This video is a look back at the FBI Jacksonville's Collegiate Academy session in which students gain a real world look and interaction with FBI agents learning about all the career opportunities the Bureau has to offer.

Video Transcript

Narrator: Over 30 students representing Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutions attended FBI Jacksonville’s first collegiate academy. The event included presentations, demonstrations, and case studies, as well as a behind the scenes tour of ERT, SWAT, and firearms. Employees of all backgrounds and experiences met with the students to discuss the wide variety of career options available, and they also highlighted the importance of diversity in the FBI ranks. Students gained practical knowledge and real-world experience to better prepare them for a career with the FBI, and the FBI gained their respect. In the future, these recruits will go on to play a critical role in helping the FBI better represent the communities we serve in the future.

STUDENT 1: I didn’t realize there were so many organizations within the FBI. I just thought it was SWAT, or undercover or special agent.

STUDENT 2: Once you’re hear you see the breakdown of how they go about, you know, sending someone out on a case.

STUDENT 3: You guys were very cool, and an open book as well.

STUDENT 4: I came into this thinking there is no way I would be accepted as a candidate for the FBI, and today I suddenly feel like I could work here, so I’m excited. This was the perfect opportunity.

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