Remembering Pan Am Flight 103: Harry Bell

Harry Bell, a retired detective chief inspector for the Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary, laments the death of innocents aboard Pan Am Flight 103. Bell's role in the probe included leading a team of investigators that followed the evidence to Malta.

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Every time I hear of an incident, you do turn around and say, ‘”Why?” It's always the innocent that are taken out. I can understand in the battlefield and the military situations and the combat situations, where they’re positioned to have a chance. But these were innocent people. There was a baby. There was mothers, fathers, sons—a cross-sector of the whole society. All innocent. All going home for the festive season. You just couldn't imagine that somebody could be so hard that they would plan such an atrocity, being aware of the consequences of their actions, knowing that if I get this on this plane, if this plane comes down, there will be deaths all over the place, of all ages, of all types. That was … I have no sympathy with these individuals at all.

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