Geoff Rayes on Why He Joined the FBI

Washington Field Office recruiter Geoff Rayes talks about why he joined the FBI and why diversity is important.

Video Transcript

What attracted me to the FBI was definitely 9/11. I remember growing up not thinking about anything besides just being a professional baseball player, but 9/11 hit home and basically made a huge impact on myself. The love of the country that I have, I wanted to make a difference and prevent that from ever happening again. And right now, I've been assigned to the Washington Film Office as the recruiter. One of the things that I was surprised about when I was applying is writing down my place of birth, which was Iraq. I didn't know how that would be taken. That is so important when we're recruiting. Just to let people know from all walks of life that their diversity is actually a benefit. It only strengthens. It brings different ideas, different perspectives. Teamwork becomes more of a building environment. The diversity is what makes us who we are. That is the strength of our organization.

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