Special Agent Theo Williams

Special Agent Theo Williams discusses his career at the FBI.

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Theo Williams: I played defensive end for LSU from 1996 to 1999. I ran out in the best stadium in the country at Tiger Stadium, and when I got my badge and creds, it felt like that.

Every day is awesome. I get to save kids for a living.

I graduated from LSU, and after that, I went to the United States Air Force. While in the military, I successfully completed just about every survival school you can go to—combat survival, water survival, arctic survival; I went through Army Airborne school. and I got out and I went to NASA in their Aerospace Program, but I I still had a lot more running and gunning in me, and I met someone that worked here at the FBI who told me that I should apply. Almost seven years later, here I am.

We team up with HPD on a regular basis to come out here to combat human trafficking. This is about a mile-and-a half strip of land where girls are sold into sex slavery every day. When we lock up a pimp, it's very gratifying—to see him go away for 30, 40 years, that’s very gratifying.

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