Special Agent Erin Sheridan

Special Agent Erin Sheridan discusses her career at the FBI.

Video Transcript

Erin Sheridan: Of course, the Hollywood version of the FBI is quite different than the real-world version of the FBI. But when I was in high school, that’s when Silence of the Lambs, X-Files came out. They had those strong female characters that were very impactful in a positive way.

I’m assigned to the violent crimes task force working homicides, serial sexual assaults, or serial killings. And I tend to work on the cold cases and the unusual homicides or the unusual crimes. And for me, I am drawn to cold cases.

For the Bureau’s standpoint, they never close the cases because it is always about the victims. A lot of family members think that police and these detectives forget these cases, but they do not. Every investigator will tell you that they do this for the victims.

When you have that opportunity to witness the appreciation on the victim’s family face when a case is brought to justice, it is very rewarding, and you do have that satisfaction.

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