Special Agent Dan Rodriguez

Special Agent Dan Rodriguez discusses his work at the FBI.

Video Transcript

Dan Rodriguez: Before I came into the Bureau, I did research in solid organ transplantation. So, a bit of a science rat. And at the time, my girlfriend was about to graduate from college, and she attended a career fair at the University of Wisconsin, and I just so happened to tag along. I saw that the FBI had a booth, I went over, looked at the requirements, figured why not, and submitted my application.

It’s one of those things that as a kid I never envisioned would be a possibility for me. Growing up, there was crime involved, there was a lot of gang activity, so when I saw the booth, I was a bit astonished that I even had the potential to apply.

Here at the Sacramento Field Office, I am assigned to the violent crimes squad, which handles fugitives, bank robberies, and any other violent crime.

Dan Bryant: Dan is one of the best fugitive hunters in the FBI. I have seen him take cases that have been cold for a very long time and make arrests.

Dan Rodriguez: Yes, there’s pressure with the job, but I don’t let that pressure get to me. If I did, I wouldn’t last very long. I just got to tell myself that, you know, there’s always a case that can get solved, and it will get solved. It just depends on when that accomplishment will be reached.

The FBI makes a conscious effort to increase its employee diversity to soften that mystique of the FBI, to make it known that, yes, the FBI is an elite law enforcement organization, but it’s one you can contribute to.

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