FBI Careers: Undergraduate Intern

Undergraduate Intern Sacha, who works in the Human Resources Division, speaks about her FBI career. Learn more and apply at fbijobs.gov

Video Transcript

Sacha Bowen: Hi, I'm Sacha Bowen. I am an honors intern working in Human Resource Division's front office.

I would say the most unique thing about working here is the fact that you feel so prestigious coming into the building every day. It's like, "Wow, I work for the FBI; I have a little badge, and I get to swipe it every day when I walk through the door."

A lot of people aren't privy to the fact that the FBI has so many positions and so many opportunities that you can do. You can be a scientist, you can be an engineer, you can be a HR specialist. You don't have to be carrying a gun and involved in all the action that the TV glamorizes.

What I like about working for the Bureau is that the culture is something I did not expect. Everyone is very friendly, it's a very family-oriented agency.

I think that students should come work for the FBI rather than going to another company because you only have one life, and what other company is gonna give you the great mission that the FBI provides you?

Learn more and apply at fbijobs.gov.

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