FBI Careers: Personnel Security Specialist

Personnel Security Specialist Yolunda speaks about her FBI career. Learn more and apply at fbijobs.gov

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Yolunda Willis: My name is Yolunda Willis, and I am a personnel security specialist.

I have the opportunity to process applications for anyone who applies to enter into the FBI. We're kinda considered the gatekeepers, because before entering into the FBI as an employee, you actually have to prove yourself through suitability, through an investigation process. So, our team works together, it is a very tedious and extensive process, but certainly it's important for us to go through so that everyone can make sure that our co-workers are not going to hurt or harm each other. But, in addition to that, to make sure that those that are working with us are working to safeguard our country, as well.

We're dealing with multiple cases, so you have to be very organized, you have to be prepared to think outside of the box sometimes, as well.

We all come in with a story, we all have a history and a past, and we have some great things to offer this agency, that's another great thing really about the FBI is that the sky's the limit. It's just up to the individual and exactly what they want to do, to discover the career path that they would like to seek for themselves.

Learn more and apply at fbijobs.gov.

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