FBI Careers: Graduate Intern

Graduate Intern Leah, who works in the Criminal Investigative Division with the Art Crime program, speaks about her FBI career. Learn more and apply at fbijobs.gov.

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Leah Ferrar: My name is Leah Ferrar, and I am a graduate honors intern in the Criminal Investigative Division working with the Art Crime program. I actually just graduated from law school; in fact, I interned here during the last part of my law school career. And I graduated in 2011 from college with an English and fine arts degree. And in between college and law school, I worked in public relations, and I ran the public relations department for what was then the International Quidditch Association.

I do a lot of research into issues that are of interest to the team. I wanna keep digging into the things I'm digging into ‘cause it's absolutely fascinating.

We're very aware of the overall mission and the fact that we are here for something more than ourselves. We're here for the American people; we're here for the world in a very large way.

You know, coming in as a woman, and coming in as a queer woman, I had some reservations about the idea of pursuing a law enforcement career. I wasn't sure how well I would be accepted, how well I would be respected. I decided it was worth trying anyway, and, honestly, this has been hands down one of the most welcoming environments. 

I've learned more from the people I work with on this team than I could've honestly probably in almost any private sector position in this area because they just know so much. They are the best at what they do.

Learn more and apply at fbijobs.gov.

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