FBI Miami Remembers Fallen Special Agents

On the one-year anniversary of the deaths of Special Agents Dan Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger, FBI Miami Field Office personnel honored their fallen colleagues, including by taking part in several group workouts in a nod to the two agents’ shared passion for fitness.

Video Transcript

Justin Fleck: We've been remembering Dan and Laura in various ways this week; a lot of services, the spirits in the office, you know, it's kind of a somber week. So we wanted to end the week with something positive, something that Dan and Laura love to do. Laura—she has a specific workout of the day, or a WOD, that she used to do frequently, so that's what everybody's doing back here, throwing the weights around and then we've got a Spartan race. So Dan love Spartan races, so I've got the Spartan race going on. The SWAT team put it together: some great activities and we're going to just honor Dan and Laura and a real uplifting, positive way today.It's been a tough year and I don't think it's going to get any easier as time goes on, but we're just going to try to channel it in a more positive way and make sure that everybody's in good spirits, remembering Dan and Laura every single day we come to work. It's been a tough week for everybody, and I'm sure, you know, an even tougher week for the families. So we're hoping that everybody's spirits going into the weekend are a little bit higher and we kind of remember Dan and Laura in a real positive way here.


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