FBI Diversity: Jagdeep's Story

Intelligence Analyst Jagdeep speaks about his experience working for the FBI.

Video Transcript

Jagdeep Singh Narula: My name is Jagdeep Singh Narula. I'm an intelligence analyst.

Now, I'm the son of an immigrant that came here over 45 years ago. So, over half my father's life was here. I was born here, and my children were born here, so we're American. And I started to think, what better way to show my patriotism and show my quote unquote "Americanness" than by joining the FBI.

So, I am Sikh, that's true, but I'm a Sikh-American. So, you know, that misconception of being the other I think has been a hinderance to some degree, but it's also allowed me to educate people. So, I've been able to educate and work with members of other law enforcement organizations, members of the private sector. It allows them to realize that I'm on "Team America," so to speak. And it allows them to see that Sikh-Americans, like other Americans, are just as patriotic, that we want to keep this country safe.

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