FBI Careers: Special Agent

Special Agent Brad Cohen talks about his experience working for the FBI.

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Brad Cohen: My name is Brad Cohen, and I'm the assistant special agent in charge of the Criminal Enterprise Branch of the Newark Field Office. I've been with the FBI now approximately 17 years. It's a wow factor every day. Again, you just never know what you're going to get into.

The most fabulous part about being a special agent is you meet people from different walks of life. You're not just here in the office, you're out investigating matters. You're stopping bad things from happening and you're locking up the bad guys. And with that you're gonna come across all walks of life. And it's not just the bad people, you're gonna come across good people along the way. So to meet that diverse background of people, the American public, know what their needs are, try to help them along the way, that's the best part of the job. The best part of being about an agent.

So you can move around a lot or you can stay put. But the culture is great, the culture is family here. We take care of one another; we understand one another. Again, from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, we learn about each other. It's not stagnant; it's always dynamic. Something is always going on whether it be out in the public, doing what we do on an everyday basis, or to what's going on here in the office. Each day is an opportunity for me. It's an opportunity to learn from my colleagues, learn from my management team that I have. It's an opportunity to lead.

It's an opportunity to take initiative. It's an opportunity to problem solve.

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