FBI Careers: Management and Program Analyst (FBI Laboratory)

Management and Program Analyst Rosana speaks about her experience working for the FBI.

Video Transcript

My name is Rosana Hizon. I am a management and program analyst for the Laboratory Division in the Field Evidence Unit.

The Field Evidence Unit is a unit within the FBI Laboratory that manages all aspects of field evidence from collection to disposition. As a MAPA in the Field Evidence Unit, I have to interact with a tremendous number of individuals across multiple divisions in the Bureau: OTD (the Operational Technology Division), staff from Inspection Division, staff from Human Resources division… all of these divisions impact field evidence in some way, and because FEU is the Headquarter entity managing field evidence across the Bureau, I have to have frequent interactions with evidence staff across multiple divisions. And so I’ve had the opportunity to meet and have conversations and meetings at Headquarters in different field offices with so many more people than I ever would have here in the Laboratory. And so as a MAPA, it really opened up the Bureau for me me that I never could have done as a biologist.

I feel as if the strength of the Bureau is its people and the intelligence of the people here is tremendous. I mean, I couldn’t imagine I couldn’t imagine any other law-enforcement agency in the world having better people than us.

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