FBI Careers: IT Specialist

IT Specialist Stephen speaks about his experience working for the FBI.

Video Transcript

Stephen Luhan: My name is Stephen Luhan; I'm an IT specialist with the Operational Technology Division, Technical Surveillance Section, Video Surveillance Unit.

My day-to-day within the Video Surveillance Unit, I'm one of the project managers and lead liaisons for our inter-agency partners, as well as our operational divisions that we provide support to, as well as I provide technical solutions and hands-on work out in the field to deploy our video surveillance technology.

When the 9/11 attacks happened, I was deployed up to the Strategic Intel Operations Center, SIOC, at FBI Headquarters, and I provided computer support for the 9/11 operation. 
Seeing the FBI Director there at the time, and seeing his face, and the pure understanding of what was going on at the time and his grace under pressure, really solidified my feeling of working for the Bureau, and why I was there to contribute to the mission, to help not only with 9/11, but also with any operational support that the Bureau had at the time.

It’s been very rewarding for me, there’s a lot of opportunities that are out there for individuals to utilize their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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