FBI Careers: Intelligence Analyst

FBI Intelligence Analyst Jagdeep Singh Narula talks about his experience working with the FBI.

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My name is Jagdeep Singh Narula. I'm an intelligence analyst.

So, we're there to support the cases, specific to say the agents that are here. But then also, we look at the cases as a whole, and we try to determine trends that are occurring, that we're seeing in our area of responsibility. So, we do a lot of research, a lot of writing. And beyond that, analysts many times are also asked to do briefings, so we share the information that we get not only with our law enforcement partners, but also with members of the private sector. I personally enjoy that aspect of it.

I happen to have a law degree. There are other people that have bachelor's degrees that have been able to come in as analysts based on a lot of the experience that they brought with them.

I would definitely recommend becoming an IA here. It allows you to touch on all of the... on multiple cases on your particular squad, so you're not limited or relegated to a single case or two cases. At the same time, there's really never a dull moment. You have cases that are ever-changing.

The best thing about working here is really feeling like you're making a difference. You know, my day-to-day is not about helping corporations get rich, it's not about helping people line their pockets. It's about helping Americans stay safe. So that, you know, it gives me a lot of fulfillment knowing that my work actually matters.

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