FBI Careers: Forensic Accountant

Forensic Accountant Laura Rodriguez-Marquez talks about her experience working with the FBI.

Video Transcript

Laura Rodriguez-Marquez: My name is Laura Rodriguez-Marquez, and I'm a forensic accountant at the FBI in Newark.

I found out about forensic accounting through an old colleague that used to work with me at my previous job, and he ended up working for the FBI. He knew I was at home with my son at the time, and I wanted, I was trying to find a flexible working environment where I could still pursue my career. And he told me about the FBI and the forensic accounting position, which I didn't know about.

Because it's not about things like the month end, closing, things like quarter end, year end, taxes. It's more about running an investigation, alongside a special agent, helping them run that investigation. And that part of it is just fascinating, so. We have had situations where we're working on a case, and we are just looking for this one fact that we can't find anywhere, and it almost feels like you spend the time doing it and you're not gonna see the light at the end of the day. And then all of a sudden, that breakthrough happens and that lead comes in, in the papers that I'm looking at in front of me. And I can go to a special agent and say hey, I found your guy, I know what the name is, I know, who the person is, here's what's happening. And that feels good because that's kind of like the piece of the puzzle that you're looking for that sometimes may not come from other places where they're looking but the records I look at and the forensic accounting brings that to them.

This is a place that lets me be both successful at being a great mom and a great accountant. And forensic accounting, which I didn't know about before, is a fascinating type of accounting. It's kind of the investigative side of it. And we, it presents challenges that I like.

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