FBI Careers: Executive Administrative Specialist

Executive Administrative Specialist Jessica Gonzales talks about her experience working at the FBI.

Video Transcript

Jessica Gonzales: My name is Jessica Gonzalez, I am the executive administrative specialist for the FBI office here in New York.

So, my typical day is to make sure that the assistant director in charge is very, very, very happy. I make sure I sit down with my boss, I make sure everything is up to par in his calendar, that he knows where he's going, where he needs to go, if any changes need to be made. I interact with anyone that's coming in that particular day, making sure that they get up here on time, that they don't have problems coming into the building. I take all the calls for the assistant director, I take all the calls for myself, anything that really any of the SACs need.

We live in a world where things change. You go to bed one night and things are okay, and you wake up the next morning and things are not okay. And that is what we work with here. So I come in as the EAS for that particular day, but I perhaps could be tasked to do something that has nothing to do with my job title, and I'm okay with it. So if you have the ability to adapt and be flexible and work with different types of people and put yourself out there and know that, no matter what you're doing on that particular day, we are all working for the same common goal, and it is to keep our nation safe.

Yeah, "like" is not the word that I would use. I love my job. I love getting up every morning, getting dressed, coming to work, and knowing that the difference that I make might not be tremendous every day, but I am making a difference, in every small task that we do here. So, I love my job.

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