FBI Charlotte SAC Robert M. DeWitt Warns About the Dangers of Sextortion

The FBI Charlotte Field Office is warning parents, caregivers, and teens that sextortion crimes typically increase during school and holiday breaks. Sextortion is when adults pose as teens and manipulate or entice victims to produce and share sexually explicit images, then extort victims for additional photos or money.

Video Transcript

FBI Charlotte Special Agent in Charge Robert M. DeWitt: Sometimes we have seen kids stooping into depression, isolating themselves, and committing self-harm, and that is the last thing we want to have happen. 

Parents need to be intentional with their children when they give them a device. They need to know what that device is, they need to know what applications are on that device, and they need to know who their children are communicating with and explain to them about the dangers.

Perpetrators understand how to manipulate and communicate with our kids. Again—it’s their full-time job.


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