Agent Hesham Elgamiel Describes Joining FBI

Hesham Elgamiel, a special agent who supervises a counterterrorism unit in the FBI’s Houston Division, was born and raised in Egypt and arrived in the U.S. when he was 15.

Video Transcript

You know, there are many job opportunities out there that everyone in the audience probably qualifies for, most of which will be financial compensate them more than an FBI agent position. But none of them will be as rewarding as an FBI agent position.

I’ve had throughout my career, especially the last few years, soft job offers from private sector companies that were very lucrative. It didn’t take me long to turn them down because I realize that this is not for the money and I don’t think anybody who is doing this job currently is doing it for the money; it is the reward of what we do. Even though it has its frustrating times, just like any other job, working on some of the things that we are working on—especially in the counterterrorism, international terrorism arena—is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. So, anybody who wants to do this, they have to do it because they have passion for it. It’s not a job like any other nine-to-five job.

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