Director’s Community Leadership Awards promotional video

In a ceremony at FBI Headquarters, Director Christopher Wray formally recognized 57 individuals and organizations from around the country for their efforts to build stronger, safer, and more cohesive communities.

Video Transcript

Director Christopher Wray: these are people who are out on the front lines and who know their communities really in many ways better than anybody and they've identified specific concerns and challenges and they've rolled up their sleeves to try to deal with those challenges, so it's an inspiring group of people and I think it's great that the Bureau has a way to to thank them and show our appreciation.

Meenakshi Brewster: we have a whole group of partners working together at the community level so I think this is an incredible honor. I think it really reflects upon the strength of our partnerships that we have locally

Director Wray: and we in the FBI are so proud to be able to stand with partners and leaders like you, so thank you for your service to others, thank you for your partnership, and support to the bureau, and thank you for what you do.



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