Karen Corrigan Describes Role of FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association

Karen Corrigan, president-elect of the national board of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, describes the organization's role and how the non-profit supports the FBI and the communities it serves.

Video Transcript

We are in the community on a day-to-day basis. Not that the FBI isn't, they certainly are, but we're there in different ways.

You know, we're inside of businesses, inside of religious organizations, inside of community programs, and we have connections. We can see opportunities in communities. We can also see problem areas in communities. And I think being able to connect our knowledge and connections with the FBI's expertise and ability, it just makes it work harder.

It makes it work better in terms of solving community problems. And all of us want to live in safe communities, right? Safe, robust, vital communities. We want our children and our grandchildren to grow up in those communities. So I've found this to be a really effective partnership for doing that.

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