Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Describes Evolution of Violence

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson describes how crime has evolved in the city he grew up in.

Video Transcript

You know, when I started as a police officer in 1988, we responded to hundreds of gang fights in progress calls on a daily basis. Now we very rarely hear that call anymore. What we hear now is a person with a gun or a person shot. You know, so now there’s no mano-a-mano thing; they just go straight to a firearm and they resolve their disputes with a weapon.

A lot of our gun violence now is precipitated by social media. You know, social media drives a lot of our violence. So they’ll get on social media and disrespect each other, and a lot of times give each others’ locations. And when they do that, that rival will go to that location, and gunplay will be the result of it.

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