Chicago Activist Andrew Holmes Works to Strengthen Relationships With Law Enforcement

Chicago activist Andrew Holmes, who has lost two family members to gun violence, works with the FBI and the Chicago Police Department to strengthen relationships in the communities they serve.

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I got that call that night and I was headed there and I got just about on the highway when they told me she didn't make it. So, I know what these parents are going through … at one point. I’m out there just to help them. But when it hits your doorstep, you understand why you’re really helping them. And not until then. You can do all the work you want to do out here and help people and try to stop this violence and try to engage them with all law enforcement agency. You only know that feeling … but until it hits your doorstep, then you’ll understand the full effects of it.

But we just keep working, picking at it, and asking people to engage all law enforcement agencies across the United States just to help them. I mean, we can bring this gun violence down to zero. It’s just a matter of people … if you see something, say something. Even if it’s your own family.

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