FBI Chicago Reaches Out to Asian Community on Hate Crimes

Emmerson Buie Jr., special agent in charge of the FBI's Chicago Division, delivered a message to the Asian community that fighting hate crimes will require mutual cooperation.

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Hi. I'm Emmerson Buie Jr., and I'm the special agent in charge of the Chicago Division of the FBI.

I would like to thank the Asian American Coalition of Chicago for providing me with this opportunity to speak with you. Over the past year there have been a number of incidents that have been publicized both nationally and locally involving the Asian community, and they have negatively impacted our Asian communities, some of which are hate crimes.

Hate crimes cannot be allowed in any community, and the FBI wants the Asian American community here in Chicago to know that we would like to partner with you to ensure that we do not allow this type of behavior to get a foothold in our community.

It's going to require you to trust us, and it's going to require us to be able to trust with you. That's our goal, and that's our aim. We want you to feel comfortable reporting these crimes because there are thousands of hate crimes that occur across the country and even more so that never get reported.

We need to change that in the Chicagoland area, and I want you know that if you report a hate crime to us we will take it seriously and we will act upon it. If it doesn't fall within our jurisdiction, then we will work you to report it to the local authorities so that they can take action.

We will also work with you on the back end to ensure that you are aware of some of the signs and symbols that might indicate that something's amiss or some group or organization may be operating in your area if there is graffiti or there are other things that are said. This is the kind of partnership and trust we have to have with each other.

The FBI is also asking that you assist us in trying to diversify our ranks. Our Asian population within the FBI is not where it should be.  We need your help in this regard because, again, it's a matter of understanding, it's a matter of trust, and it's a matter of us providing the information to you that will assist you to assist us in recruiting Asian Americans to be a part of one of the greatest law enforcement organizations in America that needs to represent all Americans. 

So with that, I look forward to meeting you all in person at some point once we remove ourselves from this pandemic, and I would like you all to have a blessed day. Thank you.

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