Friend of Missing Person John Tran Seeks Clues in Disappearance

Chien Nguyen, a friend of John Tran, who went missing in 2005 in Randolph, Massachusetts, talked to the Boston FBI and police about Tran in hopes that it will help generate clues about his friend's disappearance.

Video Transcript

Chien Nguyen: Growing up with John as a teenager, growing up we were very close, um, there’s a lot of good memories. He treated me like I was his younger brother, he always took care of me, our friends, everybody. He was caring, he was very giving, um, John is a great, wonderful person and um, growing up in California, has been the best 30 years of our lives.

John actually came to Massachusetts to try and start a new life over here and go finish college so that way he can be a writer or novelist or something like that. And um, with me being over here in Massachusetts, it gave him the opportunity to come over here and finish school while he was doing a part-time job. John usually contacts me at least once or twice every other day, which I didn’t hear from him, but I got the call from his mother.

I was actually going into a little bit of shock myself, like what’s going on. I just hope that it wasn’t something bad that happened to him. “It’s very difficult because knowing John’s out there and not knowing where he’s at, or what happened to him is very difficult, we need closure basically. We need to find out what happened to John and I hope that by doing this we can get more answers and few can find more truth to this situation of what happened, how it happened, and what if anything did happen. It’d be a big relief if there’s something that comes up, if anybody knows anything, it’d be great a help. I don’t know the words to describe it, but it would put everybody at peace here. It’s been hard for me because I was here in Boston and I was pretty much the last person to see him. John’s never left my mind, he’s always been in my heart, and I’ve always thought about him since all this has happened.

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