FBI Agents and Analysts Tour 9/11 Memorial & Museum

FBI Director Christopher Wray describes why he has added a training requirement for new agents and intelligence analysts to visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York City.

Video Transcript

FBI Director Christopher Wray: There is no better reminder than this place of the importance of the work we do. Both how we approach the work and the stakes of that work.

The Bureau's got to do more than just teach you the nuts and bolts of your new roles.

But we've also got to remind you why we do the job.

Why we do it the way we do it.

That we always need to be doing the right thing in the right way.

I hope that you'll come away from this visit with reminders that you'll carry with you throughout your Bureau careers.

Reminders of why we're so focused on integrating intelligence in everything we do.

Why we emphasize partnerships.

Why it's so crucial to never be complacent.

So as you tour this museum and memorial today, I'd ask you to take all of this in.

The images.

The words.

The emotions.

Of what began as a beautiful September day all those years ago.

When you have tough days, and I guarantee you you will have tough days, remember this day and let it bring you back to the core of your job.

The stakes of the work we do.

The people we do the work with.

The people we do the work for.

If you always keep those things front and center you'll have an incredibly rewarding career at the Bureau and you'll leave the organization even better than when you found it.

And our country will be better for it, too.


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