Becoming an Agent: Kellie Holland’s Perspective

Kellie Holland, a special agent and unit chief with the FBI’s Training Division, explains the importance of integrating new agents and intelligence analysts at the FBI Academy and how it’s made a positive impact in the field.

Video Transcript

Kellie Holland, Unit Chief, FBI Training Division: The new agents and the analysts do train together, and the picture of how they’re integrated is not just in the classroom though, and that’s what makes this training so unique. From day one, they are together—they report together on the same day; they will most likely be residing in the same dorms, so they’re seeing each other in the hallways; and then they will be in the same classrooms.

The training has been well received, not only with the trainees but also out in the field, because they’re recognizing maybe initial barriers that were down because we had two different training pipelines and they would go out and do their own separate jobs—those barriers are…those walls are coming down because they’re learning here to have those relationships.

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