Charlotte Field Office at Beacon Project

The FBI Charlotte Field Office recently participated in the Beacon Project at Morgan State University.

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DeWitt: We have an incredible mission upholding the Constitution and keeping the American people safe. The Beacon Project is an FBI program which reaches out to the historically black colleges and universities across the country to encourage them to be a part of our mission and to be a part of our story as an option for their career.

McClelion: So we're here for the Beacon Project with the FBI here at Morgan State University. I'm from St Augustine's University in Raleigh, North Carolina. And solidifying our partnership with the FBI, giving opportunities for students to understand what they do and see if just like themselves.

DeWitt: To be brought in. HBCU leaders from across the country, they had a chance to hear from the Deputy Director and some of our senior leaders within the FBI exactly why it is important to have a very diverse workforce, to be able to bring in people who possess the core values that we are looking for to broaden our perspective on what it is that we are trying to do for the American people.

Thomas: I think just come together as a collective, putting our minds together to come up with different strategies. I might have a different perspective because I think the law enforcement side in on the campus safety side.

DeWitt: That diversity is a part of the FBI's core values. And so not only is it very important for us to hire people within the community that represent the community, we know the values of the HBCU's and in many ways, in most ways, they reflect the core values of the FBI. So what better place to go and recruit from?

Thomas: And I think there's a stigma that goes around that, you know, the only jobs have within the FBI are Special Agent field jobs that way. We just learned about the vast opportunities that they may have. In other words.

DeWitt: Many people think of the FBI is just being comprised of Special Agents. But it's so much more than that. I tell people all the time that no matter what it is that you are studying in school, there is a place for you In the FBI. Here in North Carolina, we have hosted seven collegiate academies with six of the HBCU's, and we demonstrate to them what our evidence response teams do, how we collect our evidence, how they are using the skills that they have learned throughout their education in school can contribute to our mission.

McClelion: Thank you, FBI. Thank you to the Beacon Project. And thank you to all the people on my campus and across the university who supported us. And being here today.


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