Beacon Project Aims to Connect FBI and HBCUs

The Beacon Project seeks to foster a genuine, long-lasting relationship between Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and the Bureau.

Video Transcript

Dr. Hiram Powell: One of the most moving things I heard this morning was "How to do things differently," because they can't be as they've always been.

Kevin Liles: Everyone has opened their arms and outreached that hand–that stretched hand to say "Let's forget about the past and make the future."

Johnnie Sharp: The point we try to convey to young folks at the HBCUs is, "Hey you're part of the solution. Right? If not you, then who?"

Bobbie Knight: A lot of our students just haven't had the exposure. And so to have people come to the campus and talk about real, genuine careers at the FBI–it's exciting to them.

Sharp: Because the FBI is responsible for defending the civil rights of all Americans–not just African Americans. And it's important that we have folks representative of that community to help us in that fight.

Liles: They said on our watch, we would change the face and direction of the FBI for African American people.  

Powell: And I applaud the FBI for being courageous enough to step out front and take a leadership role.

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