Prevent Mass Violence Campaign PSA

A public service announcement from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit encourages people to pay attention to signs that may show someone is potentially on a path to committing mass violence and to report the behavior to someone they trust who can help.

Video Transcript

On a mobile device, two people have the following exchange: 

Person 1: Check this out.

[a screenshot of a message from a third person states, "it's fine i won't be around past 18 anyway" with emoji images of handguns and explosions]

This is what Joel sent me.

Person 2: Seriously?!

Person 2: What did you say to him?

Person 1: oh, I just asked him what he meant by that...he said nothing.

Person 2: Well he was going on and on about the lockdown drill and how we shouldn't show up at school next week

Person 2: I feel like we should say something

Person 1: What if hes just joking?

Person 2: Right. But what if he's not joking??

Slide: Together we can prevent mass violence. Learn more at

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