Asha Degree Age-Progression by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

In January 2020, the non-profit National Center for Missing & Exploited Children produced an age-progression of Asha Degree, a North Carolina girl who was 9 years old when she disappeared 20 years ago on February 14, 2000.

Video Transcript

Slide: The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released a new age-progression of Asha Degree, who disappeared on February 14, 2000, at age 9.

Slide: FBI Charlotte and local investigators continue to seek information about the North Carolina girl's disappearance.

Colin McNally, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: It’s all photo compositing. It’s a manual process. It’s a combination of digital painting, photo compositing, borrowing features from not only the photos we have of Asha to create the age-progression, but biological reference photos.

It’s me looking at the images. It’s subjective on my part. But I can get that feedback from the other artists that work here at NCMEC. So, it’s not just me looking at the image; it’s the other artists looking, too, and giving their opinion. And it’s sort of a big collaborative effort to put out the best possible image of what this child might look like at 29 years old.

What we’re trying to do is provide hope-based images—tools to help families that have these long-term missing children in the hope that, as part of the collaborative effort here at NCMEC we can create an image that might have a child brought home.

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