Special Agent S.R.

Special Agent S.R. was the Evidence Response Team coordinator for the New York Division and started the process for collecting evidence at the World Trade Center site after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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It was a clear morning similar to this one right now. And I was in early and I went up to the SAC's office to see him. He wasn't in.

And I remember speaking with his secretary and all of a sudden we heard this real loud roar.

And we never heard anything like that. We couldn't figure out what it was because we're 28 floors above the ground.

And I remember looking out the window because he had a corner office and seeing a jet airliner, as slow as can be, floating down the Hudson River almost eye level with us.

And what really stood out was the plane was so bright. It almost looked like a fake photograph. It just was so bright.

And I followed it as it went down the Hudson, lost sight as it went around the corner, and then of course we heard the explosion.

And we looked at one another and we knew exactly what had happened.

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