Special Agent R.B.

Special Agent R.B. was an assistant special agent in charge at the Washington Field Office on September 11, 2001, and was the senior FBI official and the initial on-scene commander at the Pentagon. He established the interagency Joint Operations Center and coordinated the FBI’s rescue, recovery, and evidence collection process.

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Most certainly 9/11 was a changing point for this country and for the FBI, as well, as far as terrorism goes because there were individuals who had not been working terrorism who suddenly wanted to work terrorism.

And it wasn't just for their own career development or enhancement. it was because they realized what exactly was involved and the stakes that were involved.

And it became the FBI's number-one priority, which it still remains to this day.

Terrorism was one of the top priorities for the FBI, but it was one of--it was almost among equals. It was one of many priorities. You really only can have one priority--you only can have one top priority.

And the very fact that Director Mueller, being brand new on the job. You talk about being brand new on the job and having something of that magnitude hitting you the first week on the job.

But he made it very clear that we were going to do everything as an organization, everything possible to make sure this never happened again.

You can do everything possible in your power and still not prevent terrorism.

But, be that as it may, you have to make sure you've done everything possible.

And that was the marching orders from day-one: there would be no leads that would not go uncovered, there would be everything that we could do as an organization.

And not just our own organization, but working in close collaboration with so many others in the intelligence community.

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