Special Agent P.D.

Special Agent P.D. was a counterintelligence agent out of New York City when the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001. He was on-scene when both towers collapsed. He also worked at the Freshkills recovery site.

Video Transcript

It was quite very frustrating for us that we kind of felt helpless. That we as investigators are trained to investigate a crime, an event, or mishap.

And at that time you know the citizens of your country, your own cities are being victimized, and your helpless and you sit back and all you can do is safely move them in the right direction.

As a police officer, as a law enforcement individual, or as investigator, you're always looking for biggest case.

And I worked on the TWA 800 case as my first case. Then I worked on an embassy bombing in Kenya and Tanzania as my second case, and I thought I had the biggest one--I would never see a bigger case than those.

Unfortunately I was wrong, and I saw the World Trade Center.

And at this point I can say I am not looking for any more grand-buster or grand-scale investigative case.

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