Special Agent J.P.

Special Agent J.P. worked in the morgue with the chief medical examiner of New York, helping to identify victims and their personal effects. She has an extensive background in international terrorism and was a member of New York’s ERT.

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At the morgue there was always, obviously, always this somber sense, because we're receiving, you know, people from all walks of life, particularly law enforcement officers.

So every time a fireman came in there's protocol. You know, you line up, salute, you wait for them to be brought in and wait for the, wait for everybody to show their respect.

And then we followed the officers in and then we did what we had to do.

This event, it bonded us for life. Because we were asked to do a job, which, had it been our choice, we would have never done ... With the same zeal and the same determination that we investigate our cases. You know?

With that same kind of will to come to a reasonable conclusion, and find the people who committed this heinous crime.

And so this was the most important job we had, you know, and we all knew that.

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