Special Agent J.K.

Special Agent J.K. served as the initial press spokesman for the FBI at the crash site after terrorists crashed a plane near Shanksville, Pa.

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My heart pounds any time I think about this. My heart still pounds. And it pounds for a number of reasons, and it still does even as I talk about this or if I discuss it with others or see pictures.

Number one is I feel bad for the people who died in that aircraft and the other people, obviously, at the other sites.

But on that aircraft that I saw the remains of, and the people who died there, that I feel bad for. And their relatives. I mean, it's compounded times forty, for the number of people who were there.

The other thing that bothers me about it is that the people--who would do this?

I mean, who would have the audacity to just come in and just murder forty people like this, let alone the people who died in the other crash sites.

I mean, it was just so outrageous I was angered.

So it's a matter of sadness and anger that just makes my heart pound.

Even to this day. Even to this day.

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