Special Agent J.D.

Special Agent J.D. was the acting assistant special agent in charge for the Drug Branch in the New York Division on September 11, 2001. As a top executive, he was a critical element in coordinating the FBI’s on-scene response to the attack on the World Trade Center and the initial investigation.

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There were people up there. So you can imagine, you know, friends, family, loved ones. It was the heartbreaking stories that came out, that people would talk about.

But just the idea that fellow New Yorkers or fellow Americans actually came down from those buildings. It was just absolutely horrendous, horrendous.

And to think that people would do something like that...

But during this, there was a neighbor in the building where I live. A family there...he was one of the VP's for the firm. He perished.

I remember going up there. I would go up there, nightly, usually every other night, stop in, see them, give them kind of an idea where we were in recovering folks from the building, if anybody was found alive and the like.

I'll never forget his daughter following me out from the apartment and walking me to the elevator, holding my right hand and she says, "I know my daddy's OK, my daddy has amnesia, he's just forgotten that we're here.

I just choked up...

So what they did to this country--we talked about why are people so dedicated and now focused on keeping this country safe, this city safe--it's certainly a driver.

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