Special Agent H.S.

Special Agent H.S. was a member of New York’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and responded to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. He was on-scene when both towers collapsed. He had just returned from Yemen, where he was doing work on the USS Cole investigation. He also worked on the PENTTBOM Team tracking phone records.

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In late morning, early afternoon we were able to receive a copy of the first of the manifests.

One of the first things that we did investigatively, after accounting for all our personnel, was actually start running through all databases all the individuals who were actually on all the flights.

And that was really, started to become the cornerstone of the building of the PENTTBOMB team.

What we initially did is basically went after the known. Based on the individuals that we were able to surmise of being involved in the actual attacks, identifying their telecommunications records to include cell phones, hard lines, pre-paid calling cards, any communication facility that we could get our hands on that were attributed to an individual we focused on.

We were able to establish a pattern of activity through common-call analysis, as well as resolving toll records on how these guys would move and how they would actually communicate.

Coupling with the support of the intelligence community foreign liaison services, we were able to take it two and three steps farther to be able to really build the nexus between these individuals and other players overseas.

Just the degree of mission focus, as well as camaraderie and support, whether it be across the intelligence community, federal law enforcement, local entities, was stupendous.

The ability to really bring resources to the table to attack this investigation, and then the threat it left behind us, was unparalleled.

It's really telling that when we as a country are willing to embrace a problem and attack it, it's really amazing what we can do.

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