Special Agent D.H.

Special Agent D.H. was a member of the Pittsburgh Division’s Evidence Response Team and responded to the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pa. He was one of the first FBI agents on the scene. He worked as a liaison with the mining engineers who handled the heavy excavation equipment at the site.

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My pre-FBI experience--I was a mining engineer. And it turns out that Flight 93 crashed on an abandoned, or reclaimed, surface mining property.

And so, and I had some experience with surveying and working with heavy equipment. And so the team leader, Bob Craig, had asked me to work with the engineering department of the coal company that owned that.

And it was kind of weird because on September 12th I'm standing there and I had graduated from college 21 years before that, and there's my classmate from Penn State that's a mining engineer. And he's the vice president of the company that the plane crashed into.

My job was to make sure that I was able to communicate with the contractor with what we wanted. So I sat there with the contractor when they were excavating the site.

On Friday evening--I believe it was Friday evening--26 feet below the surface, we found the voice recorder.

And it was significant for us because that was, as you well know, the key piece of evidence they were looking for to see if the crew and the passengers fought back in that flight.

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