Kole Gusé: She's Probably Dead

On October 13, 2018, Karlie Gusé disappeared from Bishop, California. Family and friends continue to carry hope for her return and memories of their time together. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI carry an investigation that has yet to solve the mystery of where Karlie is.

Video Transcript

It's like my body's telling me that she's still here but we have absolutely no clue in the right mind where.

So my body's thinking, "Oh, she's here." We just don't see her. She's invisible. I don't know. Or, she's gone. I don't know. Whenever I think about her and where she would be, most of my body says she's, I don't really know why you're somewhere on a beach or just having fun and hanging out with a bunch of new friends that she made when she was gone and then she is coming back fine.

Or, and then the other little bit of part of me is like she's probably dead. She got stolen and then she got ... Just a little bit, a tiny, like a handful of me is just feeling that and then the rest of my body is just feeling good parts.

So the bad part would be she's getting abused or she's, I don't know. She's probably sitting in a dark room in a chair, tied up, sitting there dying of hunger or thirst, and light and probably dead.


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