Zach Gusé: I Lost My Mind

On October 13, 2018, Karlie Gusé disappeared from Bishop, California. Family and friends continue to carry hope for her return and memories of their time together. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI carry an investigation that has yet to solve the mystery of where Karlie is.

Video Transcript

I've walked I don't even know how many miles and just to look for anything, look for something. I mean, it took me months. And then after about a few months I had to decide, I had to stop.

Man, it was rough. It was rough going out there, man. Just because you didn't know, you didn't know what you were going to walk up on.

The best thing is not to find something, but if you do, just the emotion of the anxiety, the feeling of it and the depressive part of it while you're going. And I wouldn't stop pushing myself, I just kept going. And God, just the feeling would be just such a miserable feeling. I can't even imagine explaining it to somebody. Somebody whose daughter who's been missing for so long, and then to just go out there, even a week and to be walking out in the desert ... And I mean, it's just horrible. Or, a day. I mean, to go through one day was just miserable. It was horrible.

I lost it. I lost my mind. It was gone. I couldn't do it.

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