Zach Gusé: My Whole Body and Soul

On October 13, 2018, Karlie Gusé disappeared from Bishop, California. Family and friends continue to carry hope for her return and memories of their time together. The Mono County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI carry an investigation that has yet to solve the mystery of where Karlie is.

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With this disappearance, one of two things happened. And I know that for sure. One of two things. I used to think one of three, but I threw the third one out, because I don't believe she ran away. I think she would have been found. I don't think she's that smart. She was 16. I mean, I don't even know if I could run away.

So I finally threw that one away, and I'm down to two things. I'm down to she either crossed that desert so far that nobody found her or she was abducted, she got in the wrong car and with the wrong person. And I'd like to say to that person that, "May God be with you. May God forgive you, because I won't at all." I don't know if that's right to say or not. I don't know. But that's what I want to say.

That's exactly how I feel. I mean, I don't want to put her in any more harm’s way, but it's gone so long now that ... I mean, I've heard somebody say, "Oh, they'd give their right arm to save their child to an abductor," or something. I'd give my whole body, whole body and soul. I'd give it all up just to have her home safe. That's all I would do.

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