Service Martyrs

Service Martyrs

The FBI honors its Special Agents killed in the line of duty as the result of a direct adversarial force or by the hand of an adversary. Each Agent embraced the values of the FBI and served with honor. The following six Agents were killed by “Top Ten” Fugitives and, to ensure that we never lose sight of their ultimate sacrifi ce, they have been inducted into the FBI’s Hall of Honor.

On July 26, 1952, Special Agent Joseph J. Brock was shot and killed in the lobby of a New York City hotel during the apprehension of bank robbery fugitive, Gerhard Arthur Puff.

Special Agents Anthony Palmisano and Edwin R. Woodriffe were shot and killed in Washington, D.C., on January 8, 1969, by escaped federal prisoner Billie Austin Bryant.

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Joseph J. Brock
1908 - 1952
Anthony Palmisano
1942 - 1969
Edwin R. Woodriffe
1941 - 1969

On June 26, 1975, Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams were killed while attempting to serve arrest warrants for robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon on the Oglala Sioux Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Indicted for these murders, Leonard Peltier was convicted and received two consecutive life sentences.

On August 9, 1979, Special Agent Johnnie L. Oliver was shot and killed in Cleveland, Ohio, while pursuing fugitive Melvin Bay Guyon, who was wanted for kidnapping, rape, and armed robbery.

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Jack R. Coler
1947 - 1975
Ronald A Williams
1947 - 1975
Johnnie Oliver
1944 - 1979