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Campus Attacks (pdf)

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Table of Contents

- Introduction
--- Previous incident-based research
--- Defining the IHE community
--- IHE campus crime
- Defining and Identifying the Incidents
--- Inclusion criteria
--- Methodology and limitations
- The Findings
--- Where in the United States did the incidents occur?
--- When did the incidents occur?
--- Where did the incidents occur in relation to the IHE?
--- Who were the subjects?
--- What were the subjects’ affiliations with the IHEs?
--- What method of attack was used?
--- Whom did the subjects harm?
- Qualitative Observations
--- What factors motivated or triggered the attacks?
--- How did target selection compare with the actual victims?
--- Targeting: Specifically Named Individuals
--- Targeting: Random Individuals
--- What pre-incident behaviors were directed toward the targets?
--- Verbal/Written Threats
--- Stalking/Harassment
--- Physically Aggressive Acts
--- Did others observe concerning behaviors just prior to the incidents?
- Considerations
--- General observations
--- Diversity of the subject population
--- Diversity of criminal and other concerning behaviors
- Conclusion
- Appendix A
- IHE Definitions
- Appendix B
- Additional Examples of Incidents
- Appendix C
- Definitions of Incident Categories

Note: All footnotes are at the end of the document.