Los Zetas Commando Medallion

Los Zetas Drug Trafficking Organization Los Zetas organization was established in the late 1990s as the enforcement arm of the Gulf Cartel drug trafficking organization to protect and expand the Gulf Cartel’s operations. Consisting of highly trained soldiers who defected from the Mexican Special Air Mobile Force Group (GAFE), the Zetas have evolved from a wing of the Gulf Cartel into their own drug trafficking organization.



Table of Contents


Scope and Methodology

About the NGIC

Gang Definitions and Regional Breakdown

Executive Summary

Key Findings

Current Gang-Related Trends and Crime
- Gang Membership and Expansion
- Gang-Related Violent Crime
- Gang-Related Drug Distribution and Trafficking
- Juvenile Gangs
- Gang Alliances and Collaboration
- Gang Sophistication

Expansion of Ethnic-Based and Non-Traditional Gangs
- Asian Gangs
- East African Gangs
      - Somali Gangs
      - Sudanese Gangs
- Caribbean Gangs
      - Dominican Gangs
      - Haitian Gangs
      - Jamaican Gangs
- Non-Traditional Gangs
      - Hybrid Gangs
      - Juggalos

Gangs and Alien Smuggling, Human Trafficking, & Prostitution
- Alien Smuggling
- Human Trafficking
- Prostitution

Gangs and Criminal Organizations
- Gangs and Drug Trafficking Organizations
      - Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations
- Gangs and Organized Criminal Groups

Gangs and Corrections Issues
- Prison/Street Gang Connections
- Prison/Family Connection
- Communication
      - Contraband Cell Phones
- Leadership
- Prison Radicalization

Gang Infiltration of Corrections, Law Enforcement & Government

Gangs and Indian Country

Gangs and the Military

Gangs and the US Border
- The Southwest Border
- The Northern Border

Gangs, Technology, and Communication

Gangs and Weapons

Gangs and White-Collar Crime

Law Enforcement Actions and Resources


Maps: Estimated Gang Presence in the United States

Appendix A. Gangs by State

Appendix B. MDTOs Alliances and Rivals

Appendix C. Federal Gang Task Forces

Appendix D. Acknowledgements