Intelligence Analyst Training

Intelligence Analysts Working on Digital Files for Case

Since 9/11, the FBI has transformed itself into an intelligence-driven organization. We have focused on strengthening our ability to collect, share, analyze, and act on intelligence to better discover, understand, and disable a range of national security threats facing America in a global age.

After the attacks, we quickly stood up our first College of Analytical Studies, which has since evolved into Intelligence Training, offering basic and advanced training for FBI analysts. We have also strengthened the FBI’s intelligence collection training effort with the creation of a tradecraft curriculum consistent with, and validated by, the U.S. Intelligence Community. The curriculum provides investigators with expertise in applying this tradecraft domestically.

Our intelligence training ensures that those employees charged with intelligence analysis and collection not only get the best training possible at the beginning of their careers but that they also receive continuing professional development. It also works to expose all of our employees to general concepts of intelligence and national security.

This enterprise-wide learning effort provides instruction on operational doctrine and tradecraft, relevant policies, and the basic authorities and guidelines upon which the FBI’s intelligence mission is based, while highlighting an appreciation and respect for privacy rights and the rule of law. We seek to build strong relational bridges between FBI agents, analysts, and other Bureau intelligence professionals through continual cross training. And our instructional personnel actively participate in broader intelligence community efforts to standardize and validate intelligence curriculum and standards.

To carry out our mission, we work with the FBI’s National Security Branch, the Intelligence Branch, and Human Resources Division, as well as train personnel from other members of the U.S. Intelligence Community.